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Despite another week passed by when we did not win the PowerBall jackpot and another week full of giant mixture of weird and stressful daily challenges at work, I still feel very lucky this week.

Right after registration opened, I was very disappointed because I was not able to sign up for this year’s Chicago Marathon due to the Active website problems. So after the race organizers opened, I entered the Chicago Marathon lottery with the “hoping the best, expecting the worst” attitude. After all there were 36000 lottery applications for 15000 spots, I knew my chances weren’t too bad, but still played with the thought of looking for a different race to run my first marathon.

Reasonable chances: Chicago Marathon lottery registration

Reasonable chances: Chicago Marathon lottery registration

Are you familiar with the feeling when you are waiting for an email and it seems to take forever to show up your Inbox but then when you forget about it for a little while and check your emails looking for something else then all of a sudden that message is there?

Feeling lucky...

Feeling lucky…

I was selected through the Chicago Marathon lottery to register for this event!

As I concluded my good fortune for the week, at the same time I was feeling really bad for the tens of thousands who were not given the opportunity to participate. Probably many of them were just like me: trying to run their first ever marathon race.

After I already run without any cause a Half Marathon before, I decided that I will run in Chicago with a specific cause: I will run for the other fellow runners, who were not selected to participate.

I was thinking about making a special T-shirt printing all the names and causes of fellow runners who will not be able to participate and would like me to run for their causes and/or for them.

So in case you think I can help You and/or your Cause or know anyone else who could use such help, please let me know: either leave a comment here OR visit the For Runners and their Causes facebook page and post there with the following details:

    • Name of the Race: 2013 Chicago Marathon
    • Your name you want me to use as reference: can be any name (your real name, fake name, nickname, anything non-offensive…)
    • What you want me to run for on your behalf (cause): name of a charity, name of a person, just simply Yourself…

Here is an example: “2013 Chicago Marathon: FellowRunner#1 and his favorite charity the American Red Cross”.

In the meantime I will continue with my training plan You fellow Runner, please make sure that You keep having fun running!