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It must be very tough to be Superman. It is not enough that you always have to be on full alert to save the world, always be nice and kind to everyone, even with all the super power that you have, you still have to fly in a very tough position…

He is still able to smile...

He is still able to smile…

Image source: http://jerome-k-moore.deviantart.com/art/YOUNG-JUSTICE-SUPERMAN-187860146

If I want to be Superman, then let’s see how I can hold in that flying position. To avoid a potentially shameful situation that I would be nice and kind to everyone and ready to save the world, but would get exhausted by the time I fly to where they would need me.

So let’s try lying on my belly, face down. 6 sets (repeats). One set: lifting up left arm and right leg, then hold it for 40 seconds, then switch to lifting up the right arm and left leg and hold that for 40 seconds. I will use an iPhone interval app that will help me with audio notification when to switch arms and legs. Here we go…

This is the exercise Superman must be doing...

This is the exercise Superman must be doing…

Image source: http://www.euclidchiropracticinc.com/strengthen-your-full-back-with-the-superman-video-713

Starting with left arm and right leg. Hmmm, not bad. I think I can hold this position. It is definitely not bad. I am clearing my mind: not really thinking about anything, just focusing on breathing consistently and holding this position. These 40 seconds does not seem too long. Beep! 0.5 out of the 6 is done.

Switching to the right arm and left leg. It seems that I feel stronger holding this position. Breathing consistently is going well and paying attention on stretching my right arm and left leg straight. Holding for 40 seconds still does not seem too long. Beep! 1 out of the 6 is done.

Left arm and right leg again. Once these 40 seconds are done, I will be done with 1.5 out of the 6. Holding the position nice and steady… It should beep soon… Breathing nice and consistently…. Beep! 1.5 out of the 6 is done.

Right arm and left leg. This side definitely feels stronger. I guess no two sides are identical. I wonder if Superman also had a stronger and a weaker side. The beep should be coming up here soon… Beep! 2 out of the 6 are done.

Left arm and right leg. Getting there, but these 40 seconds seems to be longer than the previous ones. What if the app is miscalculating the time? I should have that beep coming up here soon… Until then just keep breathing consistently. Holding the position steady. Doing well Laszlo, doing well. Beep! 2.5 out of the 6 are done.

Right arm and left leg. Almost at the halfway point. Less than 40 seconds and at the halfway point. But what if this app really does not measure the 40 seconds correctly? No, I am sure it measures the time correctly. But it does feel a bit too long. Keep breathing. Beep! 3 out of 6 are done.

Left arm and right leg. Passed already the halfway point. With every passing seconds, less to go and more is done. At which point did I start sweating?  Well, that is definitely normal during workout. But it is important to keep the repetitions consistent in length. That is why I use this app to help with the intervals. But I have a growing suspicion that it does not work really well. I think it does not measure correctly the 40 seconds that I set. If it works correctly, then how 40 seconds can take this long? Where is that beep?… Beep! 3.5 out of 6 are done.

Right arm and left leg. I have to stay strong as the app is not measuring the time right, so I must keep the position longer. Never thought this exercise could be a real challenge, but I might have to focus a bit more to keep composure and hold the position steady. Let me make sure my arm and leg are straight. Right arm: check. Left leg: check. I am still breathing consistently, that is good. I am definitely sweating now from this increasing effort. Beep! 4 out of 6 are done.

Switching to left arm and right leg. Holding strong. Keep holding strong. Getting closer to the end. But this software is buggy. There is no way, 40 seconds will be this long. It is definitely a software bug. But I am tough, so no software bug can stop me. But next time I should use a different app. Someone (like me) can get injured if the intervals are not right. So where is the… Beep! 4.5 out of 6 are done.

Back again to right arm and left leg. So what if the bug in the app is not how the 40 seconds intervals are measured, but more that it is missing every second beep. That would mean 80 seconds long intervals. The more I think: that must be it. That makes perfect sense! That explains why sweating seems to be switching to a higher gear now. I think I am sweating through my ear drums. There is also this fat sweat drop that starting to crawl down from the back of my head to my ear. It is like my brain is sending this messenger to open my eyes and make me stop. I ignore it. Beep! 5 out of 6 are done.

Left arm and right leg for the last time. How come Apple has not pulled this app yet from the App store? With such serious bugs it should not be available for innocent customers who are looking for an interval app for their workout. And my brain is not accepting the fact, that I ignored its first messenger, so now there is an army of messengers. With every second it seems, that more and more sweat drops are running down on my face more and more desperately letting me know that it is time to stop. Not yet, until I hear that beep two more times. Does not matter how long it is going to take because of this software bug. I will tough it out. I am definitely not going to give up this close to the end… Beep! 5.5 out of 6 are done.

Right arm and left leg for the last time.  How Superman does it? It is really tough. If I would have flown in this position for a few minutes, by the time I arrive to save the world I would be tired to save myself from falling down let alone save the world. Or maybe I am super strong, but because of this software bug I just discovered my intervals are actually much longer than they should be and that makes me feel exhausted. Also sweating through ear drums is not normal. Now as I think about it, I do not think anyone else is capable of sweating through their ear drums. That means that I must be special. Maybe I am ready to become Superm… Beep! 6 out of 6 are done.

Great exercise!