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Few hours left from 2012 and after much thinking, let me summarize briefly 2012 here in two very different ways:

Glass half full:

Family: our family grew stronger. We have successfully been through a six months long voluntary separation: me started at the new job and working on laying down the groundwork for our new life here, while the family is still in Indiana preparing for the move. But in general our move from Indiana to Michigan has been a carefully orchestrated team effort where everyone had their own share of responsibilities. We have proved countless times again that honest and open discussions will help the family to get through difficult challenges. The girls are smarter and more beautiful after every single day. We moved to a nice house that we can call now home. We had a successful effort with a happy ending when we sold our previous house.

Job: From a challenging and exciting job with lot of flexibility I was able to transition to a job with even more challenges and more excitement. Currently there is no better employer at this level that I could wish for, so I feel very fortunate to be where I am right now. Andrea has received her Zumba certification and keeping her options open for right now.

Health: besides occasional scares there is nothing major. Andrea picked up Zumba, yoga and I found running. After spending countless hours in training, I completed three Half Marathons this Fall. Accomplishments that seemed impossible a year ago.

Glass half empty:

Family: it has been a tiring year for us. Giving up and leaving everything behind in Indiana that we worked for. All the great people and friends that we got to know through the years only to start all over again in Michigan. A social life reset if you wish so… Getting into a new construction on a budget thought us one thing for sure: to never do that again and as much of a headache come with a move to a new state, we would rather not do it again in the foreseeable future.

Job: from my side the only way I can look at it negatively is to state the fact, that I am still stuck in the corporate world instead being a freelancer of some sort. For Andrea she is still to find a job here in Michigan and it is challenging to start your own business if nobody knows you here.

Health: after a decent start, from August onward minor injuries to my knees were slowing my progress down to a point that I had to stop long runs in December waiting for a bad left knee to recover. With the recent knee problems in sight the Half Marathons more a source of the knee issues rather than great accomplishments.

Glass half full or half empty (source: http://tomfishburne.com/2009/01/glass-half-full.html)

Glass half full or half empty (source: http://tomfishburne.com/2009/01/glass-half-full.html)

So in conclusion instead of big promises and New Year’s resolutions let me just promise one thing: I will be working on seeing the glass half full rather than half empty. There is a saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and that is the second reason why I plan on keep running in 2013. In 2012 due to all the changes in our life running and my training schedule has been the handful of consistent things to build on. Therefore I used it also as a source of positive energy to keep going. Not only from a physical fitness point of view, but from a mental fitness point of view (keep improving my time, my mileage, losing weight, seeing continuously improvement as a result of my training effort provided a constant source of positive thoughts and positive spirit) as well.

The first reason why I plan on keep running in 2013 is very simple: I love running.

Cutting back on mileage, but I will be back...

Cutting back on mileage, but I will be back…

I accumulated about 900 miles running through 2012. I would have passed 1000 miles have I not run into trouble with my knees that forced me to reduce my November and December monthly mileage to 40% of the level from September and October. But now this just makes me more determined to get back to more serious running and set new PRs in the coming year. So unless I hear something devastating during my knee check up in January, you can count on reading more race recaps from me through 2013. Until then: HAPPY NEW YEAR!