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Just as I was walking with the big smile on my face at the Health Expo of the upcoming Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon, I could not help, but kept thinking of two things:

1. I want to run right now! – what else could I explain on this thought?

2. Could not get the old Europe song out of my head: The final countdown.

Especially after we took a picture of me standing under the countdown clock at the Health Expo:

The final countdown – ready to go

This is going to be my second Half Marathon ever and so excited. My personal goal is to finish in 1:55 and my top secret goal is to finish in 1:50. This top secret goal should be feasible as during my 15 miles long practice runs, I have run the 13.1 in less than 1:50 already, but the race will be very different from a practice run, that is for sure. We will see…

I can do this!

For right now just keep preparing for tomorrow’s race and get ready to have a fun run. By the way, if you want to keep track of any runners, you can do that by downloading the race’s App.

So once I upload this post, I put on my running shoes and go out to run my last, easy run prior to tomorrow’s race. See you there and happy running!