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Earlier this week I was on a short business trip. I happened to step on the scale at home on the morning before I left and measured 163.6 lbs. Then I measured my weight on the evening after I got home: 171.3 lbs!!! OK, I cheated. It is not 8 lbs, it is “only” 7.7 lbs. Sorry…

Imagine carrying one of these bad boys all the time…

So here is what you have to do to gain 8 lbs in 48 hours:

  • (Measured 163.6 lbs)
  • Drive 5 hours (consumed chips, chocolate on the way with using the excuse of “I need something to get over the sleepiness”) => estimated 350 calories
  • Take advantage of the free cookie at the hotel lobby upon arrival… => estimated 100 calories

    Who would skip free cookie?!

  • Have a Shrimp-Steak Skewer dinner at Captain D’s (I could not find on their website the exact same thing I had for dinner, but was almost the same as the Shrimp Skewers Dinner, but replace one stick full of shrimp with one stick full of steak) => estimated 750 calories

    Imagine the “deluxe meat-lover” version of this

  • Watch some TV in the hotel room
  • Do not sleep well (insufficient rest)
  • Have a full breakfast (egg, biscuit, gravy, sausage, milk, banana and a muffin) => estimated 600 calories

    What could I say? A good breakfast is important…

  • Spend half day in the office working
  • Go out to have a nice Mexican lunch (giant Chimichanga with chicken, rice, beans and please make sure that as appetizer you eat as many tortilla chips as you can) => estimated 600 calories
  • Spend the other half of the day in the office working
  • Have a full steak dinner at a local steak house, by the way excellent food and service!!! (10 oz sirloin medium cooked with fries, beans and rice and two beers) => estimated 1000 calories
  • Watch some TV in the hotel room
  • Sleep a bit better, but still not really well (insufficient rest)
  • Skip planned running
  • Have a full breakfast (egg, biscuit, gravy, sausage, milk, banana and a muffin) => estimated 600 calories
  • Spend half day in the office working
  • Have a foot long Tuna sandwich at Subway for lunch (and of course a cookie) => 1050 calories

    I had olives instead of the Jalapenos

  • Drive 5 hours
  • (Measured 171.3 lbs)

Going through my quest of losing weight and getting back to shape, I had many occasions when I had to turn to external sources (a blog post, a clip, a quote from someone, etc.) that would help me keep going and not to give up when all circumstances seemed to be perfect to just give up on trying. Besides all positive examples describing how someone lost so many pounds within so many weeks and how someone was improving the per mile running speed or how people overcame obstacles in life to achieve great results are all great motivational sources.

Weight loss through 180 days

Any personal improvement must start with reaching a point of unsatisfying personal condition (“I am overweight” or “I am in bad physical shape”, etc.) and in such cases all these positive results seem to be in the distant horizon in front of us, which we have trouble to attach a personal experience before reaching that point ourselves.

However sometimes examples of what you can do to get unwanted results (example: gaining weight) might be more of an eye opener as we reached our unsatisfying personal condition by doing some of the same things wrong as many other people. So if there is a bad example, I think chances are that we can probably attach a personal experience to that and it might lead to a quicker realization that something needs to be done.

I understand that one’s weight can vary from one day to another and comparing results but this 48 hours unplanned “experiment” shows, that keeping up with the same lifestyle puts you on the wrong path in the long run.

If you still have any doubt, let me add the calories here for you (based on the conservative estimates above): 5050.

5050 calories in 48 hours (or just eat one of this burger)

How hungry are you?

In reference my daily net calorie intake to continue with my weight loss goal is 1200. But in general around 1800 calories a day would still be OK (I think, based on some Google search based science…).

And I have not even started on analyzing how many grams of fat, sodium, etc. (not that I would know what to do with such details)

5050 calories in 48 hours and 0 exercise. Do you think that you are on the right path? I think I go and run a few miles now…