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I was standing at the patio door and I stopped for a second and looked around with a satisfying feeling as I saw that people in small groups had various conversations. It was great to see that despite of the failing A/C and the continuously increasing temperature inside (due to the 100°F outside temperature), despite that this was an ad-hoc party (set it up in less than 48 hours) everybody was seemingly having a good time. Then Andrea’s voice brought me back again from my silent observation: “Say something”. This was about the third time she asked me.

I was waiting for the right moment, but I figured there is never a good moment to say good-bye and mark the end of a nice chapter of our life. Even though we are still going to be around for a few weeks, but the busy summer vacation schedule starting for everyone. This ad-hoc party meant to be this Saturday as except one family everybody could be there (one other family was travelling this day…).

“Say something!” an increasingly impatient Andrea reminded me again. Then I told a few general nice things and managed not to get emotional and that was great, to keep it cool. But it produced a very incomplete speech that left a lot untold. So here I attempt to close the gap…

Dear Friends,

It has been great to see us all getting together at our house and to see how well people with so different roots can get together and have a great time. We are so thankful for

  • The great fortune that we found you
  • Your friendship
  • The great positive examples you have shown to us
  • Your trust and confidence in us to allow your children to stay at our house
  • Your hospitality to invite our family to your home
  • The help and support you provided to our family when we needed
    • a tool to borrow
    • a helping hand
    • help to the girls while I was travelling
    • The encouragement to start living a healthier life
    • The inspiration to start running and turning around a declining fitness
    • Being an extended family filling the gap of our family being far away in Hungary
    • Welcoming us with open arms when we moved here
    • Bringing yummy treats at Christmas time
    • Filling our trick-or-treat baskets at Halloween time
    • Being a good neighbor and providing a clean and safe neighborhood
    • Showing us examples of how to manage a busy family schedule
    • Helping to join the local soccer association
    • Set the high standard of being great grandparents when it is going to be our turn
    • The eye-opening experience of showing to us how important it is to give aspiring young people opportunities so they have a chance for a better life
    • Teaching how to be humble and respectful with crappy people when they are pushing our limit
    • Showing how important it is to give back to the community by volunteering even if we would think we are too busy to do so
    • Demonstrating how to remain calm and strong in tough and emotional situations
    • Helping us to find our faith again and to start believing again
    • Everything else that I missed to list here

Thank You!