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Through my work from time to time there are certain packages that carry important product samples that we need to receive as soon as possible to meet certain project milestones.

Not surprisingly “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” (Murphy’s Law). It happened again last week with one particular package, but so far this has been the weirdest of all that I have seen.

Probably most of us are familiar with FEDEX, UPS, DHL and other carriers and the online tracking these companies provide, so that the excited recipient can track every movement of the package.

First look at the tracking information to see if you recognize anything strange:

Aircraft failure everywhere… 🙂

It seems we had a cursed package this time as if you look through the detailed tracking information, there has been three flight delays because of aircraft mechanical reasons: in Shanghai, in Anchorage and in Louisville. What can be the reasons?

– Three bad aircraft in a row? What are the chances? 🙂

– Might be the same aircraft dedicated to deliver this package all the way from sender to recipient. I almost see Tom Hanks personally delivering the package, just as he did in the movie Cast Away. Here is a very funny commercial based on the movie (http://youtu.be/BUdECzl2_bE):

– Incredible bad luck… How bad of a luck you must have for this series of events to happen? I think I will not waste my money this week on a lottery ticket…

– Too heavy package: its 4 kgs (8.8 lbs) just made the total cargo weight to be over the limit of the aircraft capacity and caused the aircraft to fail…

– This package is cursed for whatever reason…

Disclaimer: sometimes not everything happens as we all wanted it to happen. I share this here just for a good laugh and nothing more. Nothing more…