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Is it possible to like a song in a foreign language that you do not understand?

25 years ago, when I started to learn English, I already had lot of favorite bands that played only in English. At the time I only knew only so little in English that I did not understand much of the lyrics of the songs. Occasionally I caught words here or there, but nothing significant. I remember there was a magazine (Bravo) popular among teenagers that posted the lyrics of one or two songs both in English and Hungarian, but that was not much. Internet at the time in Hungary was non-existent for us.

Popular magazine back then among teens

I might have been the only one in the whole country with this situation, but the fact is: I liked some songs because

      • It was easy to understand (one good example is The Beatles: Yellow submarine)
      • I was able to catch a few words here or there (so at least for that reason it made me happy…)
      • I liked what the lyrics was about based on what somebody told me somewhere
      • I just probably liked them because they just sounded nice, the mood the music transmitted felt comfortable. => this was true in most of the cases. Once I received a CD full of Korean pop music. I liked to listen to it, although I had no clue what they were signing about. So you want to be careful going down this path.

Roxette was one of the bands I liked back then.

So now as I am still so far from perfect English, but understanding lot of the lyrics while listening to the songs, I run into an old song on my iPhone.

During my commute between Indiana and Michigan, there are various things I use to entertain myself and the other day I decided to use the shuffle function to browse through my music library and listen to the songs as they come. That is how I run into this old song from Roxette titled “Beautiful things” that I think could be an almost perfect rookie blogger song. I know I have weird thoughts sometimes…

But when I hear them singing the lines below I believe these same thoughts must cross all rookie bloggers mind:

“Is there someone I can talk to?
Someone out there on the line?
Does anybody want to hear
What’s on my mind?”

Happy blogging!

Here is a YouTube clip with the lyrics (link to the YouTube clip):


And here is the lyrics (the lyrics is from azlyrics.com):

Beautiful things
Are comin’ my way
Beautiful things
I want them to stay
But after a while
My beautiful things
Don’t seem beautiful at all

Terrible things
Like when you wake up
And all of your dreams
Seem to crack up
Like things you have done
Like breakin’ my heart
For you it don’t seem<
Terrible at all

Is there someone I can talk to?
Someone on the line?
Does anybody want to hear
What’s on my mind?

Beautiful things
Like leaves on a tree
Beautiful things
The sky and the sea
Since you’ve been gone
No beautiful things
Seem beautiful to me

Is there someone I can talk to?
Someone out there on the line?
Does anybody want to hear
What’s on my mind?

Make the grass grow in the garden
When the rain is passin’ by
Does anybody want to know
What’s on my mind?