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One of the pages I visit frequently is Yahoo. On the opening page (www.yahoo.com) on the top there is always a newsfeed with headlines of news from all kinds of topics.

Very rarely I find Hungary mentioned in these headlines, but until today none of those few occasions were anything to be proud of. Like when there were riots in Budapest and somebody was riding a tank through the streets of the capital. Or some month ago, when the government was criticized by Western countries because of some action they took that was considered to limit the freedom of speech.

Anyways, this morning on the Yahoo home page there has been a pleasant surprise: seeing the Lánchíd bridge (more pictures here) stretching across the Danube. Very familiar, has seen it many times. Beautiful.

Don’t you wish you could be there?

Budapest has been recommended as the most affordable European city for US travelers to visit.

There are many other things Budapest can offer than just “bath and spa”

Sometimes random things, like this article makes me want to jump onto an airplane and travel to Europe, travel to Hungary, visit the places we have seen as kids, see how they look like today. Some of them probably look very-very different today. I want my daughters to experience Europe, to see Hungary. To see how different things are in other countries, on other continents.

There is a great blog “The Hungarian Girl” with lot of great details about Hungary.

We are planning to travel to Hungary with in the near future, but if you would get there sooner, I am sure you will have a nice time…