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The other day we went again (as usual weekend treat for the family) to the local Orange Leaf. After preparing my bowl with all the different frozen yogurts I added my usual “boba ball” pile.

A few weeks ago tried first and a must have since then what we now know is called “boba balls”. The one in this Orange Leaf are the Strawberry flavored “boba balls”. What would help the best is to try it, but if you have not tried it, just imagine a small ball filled with strawberry flavored liquid.

Boba balls in action…

As I was popping the “boba balls” one by one in my mouth I kept trying to figure out why they are so special, why it feels so special to eat them. I always felt, that as soon as I pop a ball it just completely disappears OR Teleports to a different dimension OR transforms from a ball to a flavor with no physical manifestation OR not sure what else to think.

So as I was eating, these same thoughts started keeping my mind busy again while popping one ball after the other, until all of a sudden this old joke came up which might be the answer for my big “boba ball” dilemma:

Q: What is the absolute nothing?

A: Shaved balloon…

There you go! 🙂