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I do not know who created the original and in what language, but I received it long time ago in an email in Hungarian. Translated it to English the other night and thought I share it here…

The fisherman meets with a marketing specialist when he arrives home and gets out of his old wooden canoe he carved himself out of a tree. The marketing specialist asks him, why did he arrived home so early, so the fisherman explains, that he could have stayed longer still fishing, but he already caught enough fish to feed his family.

– … and otherwise how do you spend your time? – asks the marketing specialist.

– Well, I am fishing. I play with my children. When it is too hot outside, we take a nap. In the evenings we have dinner together. Then we meet with our friends and play music together for a little while – answers the fisherman.

This is the point where the marketing specialist interrupts:

– Look, I have an MBA and I have studied these things. I want to help you. YOu should stay out there longer for fishing. Then you could earn more money, so soon you could get a bigger boat to replace this old canoe. With the bigger boat, you could earn even more money and it would not take too long, to build a fleet of fishing boats.

– And then? – asks the fisherman.

– Then through distributors you could sell the fish you catch. You could sell the fish directly to the food processors or even better: you could expand your business by processing the fish yourself. Then you could leave this small fishing village and move to a larger city. You could even move to Paris or New York and direct your business from there. You could even consider to take your business to the stock market and by that time you would already earn millions of dollars.

– How long would it take for me to reach this? – asks the fisherman.

– Approximately 15-20 years – answers the marketing specialist.

– And then? – asks the fisherman.

– Then life would get more interesting – explains the marketing specialist. – You could retire. You could leave behind the stressful life in the big city and move to a small and quiet village somewhere.

– And what would happen afterwards? – asks the fisherman.

– Then you would have time for fishing, playing with your kids, take a nap if it is too hot outside, have dinner together with your family and get together with your friends to play music…