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Thanks to the same recent career move, that helped me to belong now to the One Percent (“1%”) also made us to look for a new home in Michigan. Right now the temporary solution is an apartment until we find something more acceptable for the family long-term.

If looking for the perfect apartment was interesting then looking for a house in a very different housing market is more than interesting. I should say it is extremely challenging. Especially if your financial capability is right at the bottom threshold of the price range of the houses you really like. To be more exact: it is slightly almost touching that bottom threshold from the outside…

Long story short, we have reached the point, where both my wife and I started to lose interest in the whole process. On my recent 300 miles long drive home for a short time I even had a thought to leave the whole buying another house idea and just give up looking. Of course that was just an extremely weak moment. However soon enough, life served with an experience that helped me put things in perspective and get up again to avoid mental K.O. during the stressful fight for the House-Hunting belt. It felt like counting was at 8 or 9, but we could get up again.

Earlier today I had to take my daughter to the Riley Hospital for Children for a follow-up visit. First we saw a child pushed in a wheelchair that had at least as many equipment attached to it as an ambulance. I thanked to God that our daughters were born as healthy as possible. Then came the next slap on my face: while sitting in the waiting room I was watching the kids playing with the toys and saw a 4 years old little girl walking around playing, then going to other kids, watching them playing, trying to play with them. Looked nothing special until she turned around and unintentionally showed the other side of her face: No ear! Looked like a birth defect. (The picture below is for reference only.)

I thanked to God again that our daughters were born as healthy as possible.

The rest of the day I just could not clear these two pictures out of my mind. And at some point I remembered the weak moment on the way home with the thought of giving up on searching for a house in Michigan. Comparing a temporary difficulty during our house search to a parent not giving up on a child the rest of their life is… not even comparable.

I felt ashamed and thanked to God again and again for helping me keep things in perspective when I seem to lose focus.

Thank you God and thank you Life!