Thanks to a recent career move, now I believe I belong to the One Percent (1%).

One Percent (1%)

One Percent (1%)

Is it a good feeling?

Not sure, how to answer this question. First of all I never realized it until recently, although I think I have been part of the One Percent for a few weeks now. Interestingly I never thought of this before and now as I am part of it, it is just an interesting feeling. My first thoughts were: “Is this really possible?” or “Can this be true?” and after careful consideration and some number crunching I concluded that indeed yes, I strongly believe I am part of the One Percent.

First this thought struck me somewhere on I-69 southbound close to the Indiana-Michigan border. My rough estimates in my head were completed a few miles later, then some verification of the numbers through some simulation and confirming my details and by the time I drove past Fort Wayne, IN I already had my conclusion: I strongly believed that I belong to the One Percent.

So is it a good feeling?

I still do not know how to answer this question, but one thing I can tell: I immediately started to feel a bit special. I did not think that I have more right driving on the Interstate than anybody else, nor did I think that I have more right than others to drive in any lanes of my choice. But it felt good to be a bit unique in some way.

The rest of the trip I spent thinking about how I would contribute to the statistics, that shows “Where the One Percent live” or “What gadgets the One Percent have” or “What do the One Percent do for a living”, etc.

Asking again: is it a good feeling?

It felt good to be able to say, that I belong to the (probably less than) one percent of the drivers who commute on an interstate using an 18 years old gas guzzler (Ford Explorer) and still averaging about 70 MPH on a 300 miles long trip on a regular basis.

I think not too many people can say the same…

This old Explorer I am driving though is very special. Not only that it does really well for its age, it has 170k miles, which in average is still less than 10k per year! It so far has helped us moving from one house to another, helped to carry countless dirty items: drywall, cement board and others and even more not so dirty items: furniture, food and most importantly the family!

Right after car wash on a sunny morning

Isn't He beautiful?

When not on the road and weather is nice outside, it serves as spontaneous McDonald’s for our pretended drive-through game with the girls or its trunk just being used as a convenient arm-chair while watching the kids playing. Feels like a member of the family. 🙂

What can I get you?

Explorer drive-through

In conclusion: it feels good to belong to the One Percent. Is there a One Percent where You belong to?