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What is Your favorite time of the week? I’ll wait while You think about it for a moment.

Yes, I intentionally asked about the favorite time of the week and not favorite time of the year.

For sure the ultimate goal is for the whole week to be our favorite, but through the week there are ups and downs. For a long time, Monday mornings were not my favorite, until my three years old unexpectedly showed me how to make that one of my very favorite time during the week.

But my most favorite time of the week is Sunday morning. To be exact: early Sunday morning.

I love Sunday mornings, especially the ones like today’s. The sun is already shining through the window, my favorite armchair is waiting and calls me to sit down and read, write, think or whatever makes me happy and relaxed.

Sunny Sunday morning and the armchair

Sunny Sunday morning and the armchair

I don’t like sleeping in and by waking up earlier that most of the people in and outside of the family, it leaves me some really productive times. Productive not necessarily in the sense of taking care of finishing projects, but in most of the cases in the form of “mind-maintenance”.

What is “mind-maintenance”? Flushing as much (preferably all) negative thoughts out of my mind as possible. It is like an oil change in your car: I am getting ready for a fresh mental start on Monday morning. Give the highest chance possible to be able to say on Monday morning, that “Today, I will have fun.” And I want to be able to say the same thing on Tuesday morning, on Wednesday morning and every morning through the whole week.

Getting through negative thoughts is not easy and there are a lot of ideas out there that You can use to help. So far personally I found recommendations on James Altucher’s blog very helpful, but I also think that You should find your own solution, whatever works best for You. For me, these Sunday morning recharging and “mind-maintenance” sessions that works the best.

Soon it will be all sunshine

Soon it will be all sunshine

Now I am already sitting in my favorite armchair and looking through the window and see a sunny Midwest winter morning. It is really cold outside, but I just feel happy and relaxed. For sure the sunshine helps a lot. There is a usually busy four lane suburban road not very far from our house, but on Sunday mornings there is almost no traffic. The church traffic is still not on. The family is still sleeping. I love these few morning hours. Calm outside of the house, calm inside our house and calm in my head. I am recharging calmly for another busy week. I love this feeling.

So what did You say, what is Your favorite time of the week?