There was standing water all over the desk.

This was not spilled by my daughter...

That is what I found, when my daughter asked for some help. She spilled some water. Actually she spilled a whole cup. That is all right, sometimes things happen. While cleaning up, I found three cups. That being really strange, so I asked what happened, how the water got spilled and why she has three cups. Then I received the answer that I have been hearing more often than I would want to hear: “I do not remember”.

Whenever I ask anything that my daughter does not want to talk about, this is her first answer: “I do not remember”.

What did you learn today at school? I do not remember.

Why is your sister crying? I do not remember

How did you spill the water two minutes ago? I do not remember…

I don't remember

Is my six years old applying a practice, that me as an adult trying to follow whenever I try to get through bad experiences? This means the process of:

  • drawing a conclusion,
  • applying lessons learnt,
  • quickly forgetting bad memories.

Try not to remember.

There is a great blog I have been following for a few months now: James Altucher’s blog. James has been emphasizing the importance of focusing on what is really important and ignoring everything else that has no added value. Get through bad things as soon as possible.

I think in general kids are great in getting through bad experiences. One moment they cry, they are sad, next moment they act like it has never happened and never look back. The only question is at what point in life we all start changing so it will require more and more significant effort to forget about bad experiences? And why is it so hard as an adult to get through such bad experiences?

I do not have the answer, but I do know that I will keep trying to ignore the negative thoughts and keep as positive as possible and just have fun.