Every morning we take our 3 years old daughter to preschool. She really enjoys going there. She likes to play with her friends and do other “preschoolish” things.

Some mornings my wife takes her and it is my turn on others. Which is never a problem. And actually I just happened to have a real eye-opening moment that I never expected coming.

Few weeks ago me as a person has been going through a very rough few weeks. Lot of things at work did not happen the way as I wanted it to happen. Long story short: not many opportunity for a positive input from work side. In such an emotionally, spiritually unstable state is when it was my turn on a Monday morning to take my little daughter to preschool (or as she calls it: “My school”).

Monday mornings are usually always the most difficult time of the week to find the right motivation and hit the ground running. I have a feeling that I am not alone with this challenge.

So on this Monday morning, I was expecting things to follow the same pattern: wake up, get ready to school, take my daughter to school, start working, etc.

Taking my daughter to school usually goes like this:

  • We walk to the classroom together
  • I sign her in, while she put her coat into her cubby
  • We give a big hug to each other
  • We blow kiss to each other as I start leaving the room
  • I say: “I love you!”
  • She says: “I love you!”
  • I say: “Have fun, see you in the afternoon!”
  • She answers: “OK, Daddy!”

Well everything went according to the script up until her last answer. Instead of “OK, Daddy!’, she happened to say “I will have fun.”. BANG!

The door closed and I stopped to look through the little window on the door to see her walking to her friends (just as I do every time) and kept repeating what she just said: “I will have fun”…

“I will have fun”

I was 100% sure that she will keep this promise and she will have fun.

How many adults could say with all honesty on Monday mornings on the way to work that they will have fun?

On Monday morning I will…

Now as today is the last day of 2011 and everybody is getting ready to have all kinds of resolutions for 2012, from my side I have only one:

I will do all effort to be able to honestly say on every morning, that “I will have fun”.

I wish You a fun 2012!