I wish Merry Christmas.

By the way: what does make a Christmas Merry?

Of course presents under the tree helps without any doubt, especially if there are kids around. If there are no kids around, it still helps. But do You remember for any presents that you have received 20 years ago? I do not. I might remember one or two, but I do not know which year I have received them. This is not because I was not happy when I opened those presents. Quite the opposite: I am really sure I was very happy that time. But after these many years, the presents are not important at all. (as for most of the things, I can offer an exception, but I will save that for another time)

So what is really important?

For me the most important is the feeling of having the family together. Decorating the tree together, preparing the Christmas dinner together, just spending the whole day together.

I remember many years ago back in Hungary we always decorated the tree on December 24th. The TV was on although I have no idea what programs we were watching. BUT I do remember having the whole family together in the living room (which happened to my parents’ bedroom as well – I will save the flashback to the life in the Communist Hungary for another time). For us it has been a great tradition to put special Christmas candy (in Hungarian it is called “szaloncukor”) onto the tree. In our family we took embroidery thread, formed a hook and wrapped it around the neck of the Christmas candy, then put it up on the tree.

The "ingredients"

After all these years, I still remember for those hours we spent preparing the Christmas candy as a great time very well spent with the family and not for a single moment I think that has been a waste of time. Could there been easier ways, to put the candy up on the tree? I am really sure. Like the metal Christmas ornament hooks.

Szaloncukor (Christmas Candy) in action

But that time we never bothered to look for alternatives to speed up this process, but rather looked at it as a very specific part of this special day

I really believe that the Christmas will be Merry if filled with details that every one of us is still going to remember in 20 years from now.

So this is exactly how MERRY CHRISTMAS I wish for everyone!

Take care!


P.S.: Obviously spending time with the family through various activities is something that anybody can do any day/weekend, nobody should wait until Christmas. But if for whatever reasons You missed on such family time through the year, what better time is there (besides Thanksgiving) than Christmas…